How we work

The vision of this idea is to be driven by a bottom-up approach. We want to use the worldwide XR network to expand the support of the communities at the forefront of impacts or injustice and support them by engaging resources and know-how from the global community.

We have three levels of activitiy we can support the communities with to enhance their own resilience based on their own needs.

  1. Financial support
  2. Technical or physical support
  3. Awareness raising and mobilisation of the global society

As it is clear that there are a lot of different groups and communities this support will be first and foremost communities in urgent need for any of the above mentioned support to enhance the own resilience and that are:

  • indigenous communities
  • peasant communities in the global south
  • communities at the forefront of the impacts of the ecological and climatic crisis

Therefore, we collaborate with:

  • directly with representatives of the above mentioned groups
  • organisations in contact with any of those groups and in need for such support
  • regional and global organisations to enable a wider support system
  • Extinction Rebellion branches worldwide
  • relevant local and regional movements, as well as thematically relevant activist groups.